Kamen Rider Joker
Kamen Rider Joker
Identity Hidari Shotaro
Series Kamen Rider W
Debut Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis
Portrayed By Renn Kiriyama
Unlock Condition Complete "End" mission with original W

Kamen Rider Joker is a playable character in Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis.


When Philip abducted by a fallen organization NEVER, and all non T2-Gaia Memories disabled by the T2-Eternal Memory, Shotaro receives Sokichi Narumi's Lost Driver. With the T2 Joker Memory he found before encountering Katsumi Daido, he can become Kamen Rider Joker allowing him to fight on his own, using the powers of the Joker Memory to their full potential.

Before Philip becomes one with the Earth after saving Wakana and defeating the Utopia Dopant, he came across the Lost Driver that was given by his mentor's spirit, which was thought to be lost after Kamen Rider Joker was defeated by Kamen Rider Eternal, and gives it to Shotaro as a farewell gift, allowing Shotaro to continue fighting as Kamen Rider Joker once more after his disappearance using the standard Joker Memory. About a year later, Shotaro continues to fight doing the best he can to protect the city of Futo when a gang of kids calling themselves EXE, using leftover Gaia Memories to assume Dopant forms and proclaim themselves to be successors of Museum, becomes a threat. However, he is soon reunited with Philip when the later is done reconstructing his body. Together, they once again protect the city as Kamen Rider Double. He can be Kamen Rider Joker anytime he want if just in case if Phillip isn't available.


Though has a similar air attacks as Kamen Rider W's Joker Half-Changes, Joker's specials/finishers (safe for air version), including the Rider Cancel are different. However, has a similar boost as W FangJoker's Rage Mode, except it is hidden and increases his agility, and worst of all costs 25% of super gauge.

One of Joker's best move that is similar to Hibiki's Oni forms cancelling between his Hold and his other specials, is cancelling between -String and attacks, but must be learn to cancel to other specials, in which his attacks cannot, as well as learning how to perform an infinite combos in a certain timing on this link attacks.

His only finisher is a barrage of Maximum Drive punches and kicks to Rider Punch, when hit ended with Rider Kick Combo.

  • Rider Cancel: Sliding Tackle
  • Rider Glide: Jumping Roundhouse Kick


  • ----(2)---: a two punches to two kicks followed by four punches to roundhouse kick
    • Affects which certain attack when linked from or cancel to, changes to a next normal string attack to during this combo links
    • While not/less (mostly just one) attack(s), will perform this normal string combo normally
  • Hold : Rider Double Kick
    • Difficult for Rider Cancelling
  • Running : a jumping kick
  • Air --: a three aerial kicks
  • Air : Rider Kick
  • : a steady kicks to walk
    • Hold for more hits
    • Can be linked to a certain -String attacks
      • Attack count affects from how much string attacks -String attacks
      • Without cancelling from -String, the holding combo count is six
    • The ender is a jumping roundhouse kick
    • Can be directed
  • : Rider Punch
    • Hold to charge to increase attack and range until the full charge glow blinking stops and release to attack
      • Can be rotated while holding
  • +: Rider Kick (Dash)
    • Hold to steady
      • If steady too long will goes to dash attack automatically
    • Press again to cancel dash attack to Rider Kick
  • R1/: "Count Up Your Sins"
    • Increases Agility
    • Cost 25% of gauge

Strenghts/Pros and Weaknesses/ConsEdit


  • Close-range combatant
  • Has a great attack points than W
  • Some moves is similar to W's Joker Half-Changes moves
  • Can link between strings and (a steady kicks to walk) besides Hold (Rider Double Kick)
  • Combo between (Rider Punch) tap release and Rider Cancel has a great advantage to evade incoming attacks
  • + (Rider Kick (Dash)) shares a most of Kuuga's + ((Rising/Amazing) Mighty/(Rising) Ultimate Kick) properties
  • Can Rider Cancel to special moves


  • A link combo between strings and (a steady kicks to walk) must be learned carefully from losing a frame-traps and when these link combo ends
  • As (a steady kicks to walk) can only link strings, it does not mean Joker can link to other specials
  • Hold (Rider Double Kick) is difficult to Rider Cancel
  • Using R1/ ("Count Up Your Sins") has most weaknesses:
    • Cost amount of meters
    • While against (mostly close-range) surroundings only makes Joker wide open and vulnerable against incoming attacks



Much like both separate W characters (Shotaro/original and Philip/FangJoker), Joker uses the motorcycle HardBoilder.